Chairman Message

The work team and myself are very pleased to present to you the “Ajman Festival Land” project which was de-signed to serve as anew destination for tourism, entertainment and shopping in the United ARAB Emirates.

During our preparations for this project , we were keen on making it the optimal example of the various festivals events and activities year-round for all individuals and cultures in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf area.

This projects provides the visitors with a unique chance to spend fun time through the countries villages , the entertainments and events areas, the restaurants area and other sections of “Festival Land” .

I would like to thank the work team for their wonderful efforts as well as every person who participated and contributed to the success of this unique project.

We hope everybody spends a good and unforgettable time exploring a destination where add cultures meet , year-round .


Mubaral Abdulla Al Ameri


The strategic location : the project represents a linking point between all of the areas of the United Arab Emirates and in its center lies the Emirates of Ajman.

The extensive services : the project includes local and global shopping centers , entertainment events , restaurant chains , local and global cafés , games area and parking .

The target group : the locals and the residents of all Arab and international nationalities and for all ages groups


What sets it apart from others project : this project can accommodate massive numbers of visitors and it offers exten-sive shopping and entertainment experiences , it also offers a year round permanent place , local and international quarterly and seasonal programs and events , and a tourism attraction zone .

Mission & Vision


A destination where cultures meet year-round.



To transform the festival into a pioneering and specialized center that features various events, such as shopping centers and cultural and art events concurrently with the annual agenda around the world in general and in the United Arab Emirates in particular.

Location map

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